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photograph of the book
Rambles about Morley (1866)
by William Smith Jnr.

CD ROM version
produced by Colin Hinson ©

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For sample pages, please see the links to the Acrobat (pdf) files given below.

The data on this CD rom is computer searchable.

This book whose full title is "Rambles about Morley with descriptive and Historic sketches; also, an account of the Rise and Progress of the Woollen Manufacture in this place contains over 200 pages along with a plan of Morley and numerous engravings. It contains a fairly detailed list of contents but no index. The lack of index is made up for by the book being fully computer searchable. The appendix contains a list of the Churchwardens.

In order to give you a better idea of the information in the book the following items are available here on line:

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