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"The History of the Ancient Parish of Guiseley"
by Philemon Slater

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"The History of the Ancient parish of Guiseley" was written by Philemon Slater (1823 - 1868) who died before the book was published in 1880, and there is a "memoir" written about him of about 20 pages at the start of the book. The book contains over 280 pages, along with 15 illustrations and does not have an index, though this is more than made up for as the CD is machine searchable (in any case, indexes from the 1800s are notoriously bad). A pedigree of the Warde family is given, and a sample Apprentice's Indenture is also transcribed. The list of contents of the book is given below:

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List of contents of "The History of the Ancient Parish of Guiseley "

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